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Skill - Ready = Work - Ready

The future of work needs you to be skill ready. Are you ready for this future?

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    Gear up your students with changing workplace needs.

    Give your students the edge not just for today but also for tomorrow.

    Skills the Fun Way

    Empower your students and your alumni to enhance their skills experientially through events, seminars, courses and conferences happening near them.

    Empower Student Placement

    Notify students of latest jobs and internships. Higher the skills, better the placements. Identify those students/alumni who have the top skills that recruiters look for.

    Increased Student Enrolments

    Use the most advanced AI built technology platform for your institution. Shape your students for tomorrow!

    Students, Cultivate A Growth Mindset And Embrace Lifelong Learning!

    • Continuous Learning

      Get instant access to 300,000+ courses across 1500 skills. Choose top providers to empower your students to learn more!

    • Build Tomorrow's Leaders

      Identify potential leaders and nurture them with Elite's targeted resources.

    • Achieve Success

      A smart recommendation engine suggests the best institutes and best courses to keep your students' skills updated and help them achieve success.

    • Get Ready for the Future of Work

      Help your students and alumni become avid learners for life and navigate a changing work landscape

    • Improved Alumni Engagement

      Build lifelong relationships with your students. Strengthen your alumni network by being a constant guide on their career path.

    • Get the Ivy League+ Courses

      Your students get to add short global skilling courses from Harvard, MIT, Berkley and several other top universities, to their degree! Access advanced student analytics to design courses for tomorrow.

    Think New. Think Curated. Think Elite.

    Elite is the world’s #1 curated learning platform.

    Our AI engine offers personalized curation of the world’s best courses, podcasts, blogs, videos, articles, and more.

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